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[contact-field label=’Life along backwaters’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Marine Life’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Nehru Trophy Finishing Point ‘ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Houseboat Manufacturing’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Amritapuri’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’R Block, Kuttanad’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Champakkulam Church’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Edathua Church’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Ashtamudi Lake’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Thottappalli Spillway’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Kuttanad (Backwater Paddy Cultivation)’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Ambalapuzha Temple’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Karumadikuttan ‘ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Lagoons’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Vembanad Lake’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Chinese Fishing Nets’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Azheekkal beach/Tsunami Houses ‘ type=’checkbox’/]

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324680517_583fcc4603_b [contact-field label=’Idly with Sambar and Chutney’ type=’checkbox’/] P1020062 [contact-field label=’Puttu with Kadala (Black Chickpeas) Curry’ type=’checkbox’/]
idiyappam-eggcurry1 [contact-field label=’Idiyappam with Kadala Curry/Egg Curry’ type=’checkbox’/] appam [contact-field label=’Aappam with Vegetable Curry/Egg Curry’ type=’checkbox’/]
puri bhaji [contact-field label=’Poori with Vegetable Masala’ type=’checkbox’/] Toasted_Bread_Small [contact-field label=’Bread Toast with Butter/Jam and Fruit Juice’ type=’checkbox’/]
sambar-dosai [contact-field label=’Dosa with Sambar and Chutney’ type=’checkbox’/]


food [contact-field label=’Traditional Kerala Sadhya’ type=’checkbox’/] Fish-curry [contact-field label=’Fish Curry’ type=’checkbox’/]
kerala-fish-fry1 [contact-field label=’Fish Fry ‘ type=’checkbox’/] prawn_fry_0 [contact-field label=’Prawn Fry’ type=’checkbox’/]
chettinad_style_chicken_curry [contact-field label=’Chicken Curry’ type=’checkbox’/] fried chicken [contact-field label=’Chicken Fry’ type=’checkbox’/]
pickle [contact-field label=’Pickle ‘ type=’checkbox’/] chapati [contact-field label=’Chapati’ type=’checkbox’/]
paneer [contact-field label=’Paneer Curry ‘ type=’checkbox’/] caulifl [contact-field label=’Cauliflower Manchurian’ type=’checkbox’/]
mixed-vegetable-curry [contact-field label=’Mixed Vegetable Dish’ type=’checkbox’/] dhal [contact-field label=’Dal’ type=’checkbox’/]
Vegetable Fry [contact-field label=’Vegetable Fry (Thoran/Mezhukkupuratty)’ type=’checkbox’/] Sambar [contact-field label=’Sambar’ type=’checkbox’/]
pappad [contact-field label=’Pappad ‘ type=’checkbox’/]

Snacks with Coffee/Tea

835b17705300fd9a [contact-field label=’Local Banana Fry ‘ type=’checkbox’/] Bajji [contact-field label=’Vegetable Bajji’ type=’checkbox’/]
medu-vada [contact-field label=’Vada with Chutney ‘ type=’checkbox’/] Chocolate-Chip-Cookies [contact-field label=’Cookies’ type=’checkbox’/]

Seasonal Delicacies

chakka [contact-field label=’Jackfruit ‘ type=’checkbox’/] kappa-topyoka [contact-field label=’Tapioca’ type=’checkbox’/]
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA [contact-field label=’Mango ‘ type=’checkbox’/] pineapple [contact-field label=’Pineapple’ type=’checkbox’/]
Is there an occasion on-board? Are you planning some surprise for your loved one during this cruise? We will help you make it very very special!!

[contact-field label=’Proposal ring ‘ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Flower decoration (for newlywed couples) ‘ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Cake cutting ‘ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Surprise Gifts ‘ type=’checkbox’/]

Family time! Are there kids on-board? Would you like to spend some quality family time during the cruise?

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[contact-field label=’Story books’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Colouring book & pens’ type=’checkbox’/]
[contact-field label=’Playing cards/UNO cards’ type=’checkbox’/]

Personal time! Would you like to have some personal favourites to go with the beautiful nature all around you? We could help you.
  • Books[contact-field label=’About Kerala’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Classics’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Fiction’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Travel books’ type=’checkbox’/]
  • Music[contact-field label=’Traditional Kerala Music’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Classical Music – Carnatic’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Malayalam Film songs/Light-music’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Bollywood Hits’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Bollywood Classics’ type=’checkbox’/]
  • Movies[contact-field label=’Malayalam movies’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Hindi movies’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’English movies’ type=’checkbox’/]
  • Special On-board Live Entertainment Programmes (Subject to availability)[contact-field label=’Kathakali’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Mohiniyattam’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Bharatanatyam’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Chakkyarkoothu/Ottamthullal (Traditional Kerala art forms)’ type=’checkbox’/]
    [contact-field label=’Classical Music (Vocal/Instrumental)’ type=’checkbox’/]

[contact-field label=’AYURVEDIC MASSAGE’ type=’checkbox’/]

Creativity time! It is quite an established fact that the serenity of the ambience and the meditative silence triggers helps in increased clarity of thought. Several creative professionals and top executives prefer to spend a day or two here in order to cleanse their minds and take important decisions. Are you one of them

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